۱۳۸۸ تیر ۸, دوشنبه

I am Iran : You have forgotten me!!!

I think all of us are so moved by all the recent stuff happening after the fraud election in Iran, and especially after the death of our beloved sisters and brothers (all Nedas).Sometimes, I get so excited by the unity and solidarity of all brave people going on street hands in hands, sometimes I am just sorry for... But as ... says, the taste of power seems to be so delicious that once you taste it, it will be so hard not to cling to it. This morning I just heard the new song by Googoosh, the very famous Persian singer, “Man Hamoon Iran am. I am Iran”. In this song, Iran is talking to the brain-drain population, to her children who left her and went abroad and is telling them to come back. Come back because Iran is waiting for them and it’s sleepless. Is Iran talking to us? To us who left the country and went to Canada? I'm feeling so guilty, so bad, for the first time I'm feeling like a bad child who abandoned her beautiful mother who is getting hurt. But I'm also confused. Yes, I decided to immigrate to Canada (well, now I’m living in Europe for doing my internships), becasue I wasn't happy living in Iran. Can you make any changes if you are not happy yourself? Can you make someone happy if you are not happy yourself? So, I’m just very confused. Trying to resist tears at work, and trying to find out how I can explain that the cause of all these tears is only one song: “i am Iran-Man hamoon Iran am".

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